The Crescent

This north facing Northern Beaches home was in need of a fresh revamp in addition to an extension of the outdoor entertaining area. Using timber frame to extend and widen the main area over the driveway, Timber Artistry was able to create a much larger entertaining space. 

The project began with demolition of the existing balcony's steel beams and balustrade. The new extension, using thick, hard wood posts and wooden boundaries gives the balcony a fresh new look. A Versiclad roof with exposed beams covers the entire deck, providing much needed shade in the warmer months and a sense of privacy, whilst making the most of the view. 

The extension not only creates a larger entertaining area, but also gives the front of the house a cosmetic refresh, drawing street appeal and tying the house seamlessly with it's surroundings.

We look forward to showcasing this project step by step. If you would like Timber Artistry Construction to build you a home you will love with our meticulous attention to detail please don't hesitate to contact us.