The 202: Finer Details

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The 202: A Roof, Floors and Doors

A roof over your head is always important, but a new corrugated colour bond roof is even better. In this next stage of construction, we see a new roof structure, outdoor decking and installation of windows and doors.

It’s out with the old and in with the new as Timber Artistry changes the 202’s entire roof profile from concrete roof tiles to corrugated colour bond roof sheets. The outdoor entertaining area begins to take shape with construction of an adjoining back deck. Tallowwood gives the deck an elegant finish, whilst maintaining durability, which is especially important for an outdoor area that is exposed to the elements. It also demonstrates Timber Artistry’s continued commitment to both aesthetics and quality craftsmanship.

Boxed stairs, opening onto the yard, are framed and ready for lining, as are external walls in preparation for a rendered finish. Inside, hardwood floors are progressing and framework is ready for gyprock walls and lining. Timber Artistry always works closely with their clients, listening to their preferences to ensure their vision becomes a reality. In this instance, aluminium windows, doors and custom louvered privacy screens were all installed as per the client’s request. With windows and doors in place, the structure is starting to look more like a home.

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The 202: Taking Shape

Construction of an extension can be directly correlated with a client’s level of excited anticipation. As they see some semblance of a building take shape their level of excited anticipation quickly grows. In this next stage, the 202 is no longer plans on a page or marks in the ground. 

Building on the steel framework already in place, timber framed sub-floor strutter is installed as per engineer specifications. Detail comes into play with installation of four 200x200 mm hardwood timber posts sourced by Timber Artistry from an old bridge. This unique detail is striking and already catching the eye. 

The new space is arranged and set out into rooms, living spaces and a bathroom. Timber walls made onsite will soon be ready for positioning, while yellow H2 LVL exposed rafters are installed, ready for the ceiling details. 

From a practical perspective, installation of sub floor steel beams and structural works are complete, while ground floor plumbing is in place and ready for the new en-suite bathroom. 

Up next, the 202 gets some walls and an all important ceiling!

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The Esplanade: Concealed Lighting

With an entry way that has had so much work and love put into it, the last thing the owners wanted to do was keep it hidden in the dark. The grand entrance, with two gable roofs, new decking and sandstone pillars, is able to make a real statement at night with the installation of concealed lighting. 

The lighting is carefully concealed in the roof, leaving passersby to guess where the light is actually coming from. Carried out with the highest attention to detail, this method of lighting delivers the 'wow' factor with a little bit of mystery. 

At Timber Artistry we pride ourselves in providing high level work and innovation to stand out from the rest.

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The 202: The Plan


In the first phase of this project at 202 Powderworks Road, Timber Artistry are extending out the back of the existing house and building a private outdoor escape.

The extension will provide a seamless walk through from the existing lounge room through to an enlarged back deck, where the clients will be able to enjoy the view and open space without compromising their privacy. 

The front of the house will undergo an update to match the renovations at the back with a new verandah, stairs and planter boxes. The project includes construction of a newly designed gable roof, that will bring a breath of fresh air to the house and improve it's street appeal. 

Customised wooden trims on all the windows will round out the project, tying the whole house together and allowing the renovation to lift the aesthetics of the entire house, not just the newer areas.

We look forward to showcasing this project step by step. If you would like Timber Artistry Construction to help you create your dream home, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our meticulous attention to detail will ensure you love coming home.


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