Berry Barn

Berry Barn

Berry is a popular holiday destination and the demand for unique accommodation has never been higher. Friends of Timber Artistry decided that a secondary dwelling on their property in Berry would be the perfect place to accommodate weary travellers and exhausted Sydney-siders.

 Familiar with Timber Artistry’s unique style, the couple requested a barn style secondary dwelling to match the finishes of their main house. Working from scratch, Timber Artistry’s scope of work included pouring the concrete slab, construction of framed walls, new windows, doors and corrugated iron roofing. 

The ‘barn’ consists of a new bathroom and wet area, small kitchenette, plus pitched ceiling with exposed rafters and v-groove lining boards which accommodate an additional vaulted ceiling sleeping space. 

A new deck area with a skillion roof structure, exposed rafters and V-groove lining boards attaches the secondary dwelling seamlessly to the existing house.

Take a look at the early stages of construction here.


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