The 202: The Plan


In the first phase of this project at 202 Powderworks Road, Timber Artistry are extending out the back of the existing house and building a private outdoor escape.

The extension will provide a seamless walk through from the existing lounge room through to an enlarged back deck, where the clients will be able to enjoy the view and open space without compromising their privacy. 

The front of the house will undergo an update to match the renovations at the back with a new verandah, stairs and planter boxes. The project includes construction of a newly designed gable roof, that will bring a breath of fresh air to the house and improve it's street appeal. 

Customised wooden trims on all the windows will round out the project, tying the whole house together and allowing the renovation to lift the aesthetics of the entire house, not just the newer areas.

We look forward to showcasing this project step by step. If you would like Timber Artistry Construction to help you create your dream home, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our meticulous attention to detail will ensure you love coming home.


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