Mona St: Many Things Coming Together


With weatherboard installation well under way on the rear of the house, Timber Artistry begins battening over existing brick work on the front of the house ready for the new weatherboard finish.  

The granny flat extension at the rear of the property is also on track. The framing is complete and Timber Artistry install fire rated plaster board to the granny flat’s walls and ceilings. The same weatherboard finish is applied to the exterior of the granny flat too. Hardwood decking around the entertaining area in the backyard is now complete.

As part of the cosmetic makeover, Timber Artistry install sandstone cladding to the front of the house and around garage openings. A front pivot door brings about a dramatic change in the entry way, while timber trims and detailing around the existing front facade completely change the whole look of the house. New side gates are constructed and installed to ensure no part of the house is missed. 

If you missed the beginning of this project you can see how far we’ve come here.