The Esplanade: Details


As the project draws to a finish, the finer details begin to take shape. It is those details that transform a building into something of great beauty and craftsmanship.

To complete the overall look, rock-faced sandstone cladding and perimeter sill trims were installed to the new façade walls. The house exudes charm at every opportunity with copper fixtures and timber detailing.

The copper lights and copper down pipes, that include new storm water connections as per PCA requirements, prove that practical features don’t need to come at the expense of aesthetics.

The project is certainly pleasing on the eye, but it is not without durable features and inclusions. Waterproofing membranes and external cladding weatherboards all contribute to quality backed workmanship.

While painting is still in the process, Timber Artistry’s signature timber detailing already stands out as an impressive, eye-catching detail.


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