The Esplanade: The Finale

It is difficult to look back and imagine this house without it’s character and charm, but thanks to a dramatic transformation by Timber Artistry, the once uninspiring project home is now a fixture of great beauty.

Each phase of this project has been marked by meticulous attention to detail and it is this quality that separates Timber Artistry from the rest. When a project draws to a close this attention to detail does not waiver and a project is finished with the same gusto in which it began.

We all know that building work can take a toll on the garden, but it need not be left lacking. The Esplanade’s makeover is complete with landscaping and gardening by Timber Artistry, inclusive of garden beds, grass and plants. In addition, the driveway and path were re-painted and finished.

You will also notice that the down pipes and drainage are complete, along with all painted finishes. While this project focused primarily on the front of the house, Timber Artistry was able to refresh the rear of the house with the installation of bi-fold door units that open up into the backyard.

For the owners, the finished result is better than they had ever imagined. “What an amazing transformation, we love pulling into our driveway and just admiring the house!”

If you would like Timber Artistry Construction to help you create your dream home, please don't hesitate to get in contact. Our meticulous attention to detail will ensure you love coming home too.

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